A Happy Heart Makes The Face Cheerful

Mistakes are made, and then your heart is heavy. It longs to be forgiven. It longs to change. It longs to be free.
Mistakes are one of life’s greatest lessons. I know that is such a cliché statement, but it is unrealistic how true it is.
Mistakes are made, and they are learned from. You take what you’ve done, grieve on it, and then over time, forgive yourself.
But how can you forgive yourself when you’re still waiting on others to forgive you?

The way that individual minds work is ludicrous, and it is hard to get a read on them. But, of course, you have to take that into your own perspective as well.
How do you feel when a beloved and adored person gets something taken away from them? It’s hard not to feel a sense of satisfaction.
I do it. You do it. We all do it.

So, why is it so hard for us to understand why people talk about us? Why people want to bring us down? Why people find joy in our despair?

This world lacks hope. It lacks love. It lacks compassion.
Words fall short when good things happen to others, yet we are quick to talk when something folds.


a happy heart.

The days are too short to try to find an answer to that question.
I’m still longing to try to find time in the day to read more books, to listen to more music, to reach out to more people.
So, the days are too short to try to find an answer to any question for that matter.

It’s simple enough to say that the days are short and the times are hard. It’s simple enough to throw your body down at the mistakes that have been made, in fear of having to live with that burden forever.
Forgive others, even if they do not forgive you. Forgive them for the mistakes that they have made, because you know what it is like to make one as well.
Don’t look for the fault in others. Look for the patches. The patches show the covering up of scars, and the covering up of the past that people don’t want to bring back to sight.
Patches show growth. Growth shows healing. Healing shows happiness.

Don’t feel envious when one gets what you do not. Don’t be hateful just because they were that way towards you. Don’t be like everyone else.
Show happiness, for that is rare. For that is what is the only thing that matters on this big, ticking planet. For that is all that anyone needs to know.

Take the time to do what makes you happy. And by that, I mean take the time to find happiness in everything.
Right now, I’m finding my happiness in the stars above me and the coffee in my lap.





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