Winter Wonderland

It’s finals week.

Those three words should tell you how I should feel: stressed, overwhelmed, pressured, crunched, anxious…

Oddly enough, I am the farthest from those things. Here I am, sitting at a desk, with an Einstein Brother’s coffee to my left, a scarf around my neck, and a view in front of me that looks about like a Winter Landscape painting by Bruegal.

Campus has had snow on the ground for a week now, and I could not be happier. I have always enjoyed the relaxed feel that winter brings. Fireplaces, coffee and cocoa, family, and the ‘winter wonderland’ look that all ties together, tranquilizing me to a point where I am at complete ease. It’s no exaggeration when my family says that I could easily relocate to Alaska and be content.

So, finals week is here, Christmas is near, and I am helping my parents move to the hill this weekend.

All is right. All is merry.








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