cs lewis

Rushing is natural — and universal.

The scramble of traffic, the hastiness and hustle of tasks to be completed. The race of our thoughts, the scramble of finding the meaning to something. It’s absurd how rushed our lives are — the clock is ticking, and we have to get things done.

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop preparing for my interview on Monday. It’s an interview for acceptance into the Childhood Education Admissions Program. I feel rushed. I feel like I am climbing a continuous ladder to reach the top of a point just so that I can reach the purpose of my life.

Because what if I get accepted? Then I have found the purpose of my life. To be an educator.

But what if I get denied? Then I will be scrambling, yet again, to find significance of who I am and where I will end up.

C.S. Lewis says it best. “I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.”

As we feel rushed to find our significant other, or to complete an assignment, or to cram for a test, or to even find the purpose for our lives, maybe we should just wait.

Waiting, to me, is God’s way of saying, “Trust me.”

And it’s hard. Waiting causes stress and strain in our minds. It’s human nature to want to know something. It’s natural to be eager to find things out, and to find them out now. Waiting is an aspect that must be practiced.

Waiting, in short, is our way of relaxing and letting go of tension.

So, it’s 12:17 and I am waiting at a coffee shop. For what? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

It’s 12:18  and I am waiting for an entity. An entity that I don’t even know. An entity that may not even exist.

I have been here for two hours and counting, and I have seen various amount of people come in and out. A girl with a sleeve tattoo studying for philosophy. A guy with his headphones in writing in his journal. A couple arguing over the way public schools portray health issues. A family taking their children to a cafe to get a muffin. An elderly man sitting down to enjoy his morning cup of joe.

But the vast majority are those who come in, grab their cup, and leave. Rushed to get someplace. Rushed to get things done.

It’s 12:22 and I’m still at a coffee shop waiting. For what? I still couldn’t tell you.




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