In That Moment

This week was . . . wow.

For the first time in a long time, I’m speechless. I want to write about my week, to write about the insane amount of joy and delight that I am feeling in this moment. But I am having a hard time, in an odd way, to express my gratitude for the happiness I have and how I do not deserve it, but yet . . . it’s happening. And this week, was wow. . . So surreal, so immense, so perfect.

I went on a roadtrip. To a place I have been before, yes, but I experienced it in a new and fresh way. A roadtrip with my girls, the ones I have known for a year now but have just recently bonded with, was the perfect getaway. Basketball games and zoos and coffee and walks and wine and food and love and laughter. Each of these things wrapped up the trip in a way that no one could understand. Blissful, so unbelievably blissful.

Those few days were followed by more memories. Spring break is approaching, which means one thing: group workouts. Pushing away and blocking the world out, an email pops up on my phone and it breaks my train of thought for the moment.

Congratulations! You have been selected for conditional admission for the fall 2014 semester in the Childhood Education program leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Arkansas!

This sentence was read, and I dropped to my knees. My friend who went to workout with me was one of the girls that I took the weekend getaway with, and she was applying to the same program that I was. We looked at each other in that moment, and bear hugged. In the middle of the gym and in the middle of the students trying to get their beach body, our eyes filled with tears of joy and we had a long embrace. It was one of those embraces that humans long for: slow, filled with passion, a hug with meaning. My two good friends and I got accepted into the Masters program at our university. Another three years working toward a degree together.

Photo: Philippians 4:13

The excitement doesn’t end there. The next day, my cousin gets a thrilling idea . . . Miley Cyrus is on her Bangerz tour, and she is playing two hours away from us. The night before, my cousin and I sat at the computer in hopes to find last minute tickets. We come across two available floor tickets and pack up and get ready to go the next day. We get to Tulsa, only to find that our seats are the SECOND ROW FROM STAGE. Miley rocked and put on an incredible show beyond belief. It was a dream come true and certainly a night I will never forget with the same girl that went with me to see Hannah Montana when she was on tour six years ago. The concert was dreamlike . . . and in that moment, I swear I was in a film that viewers strive to be in. The one that you would do absolutely anything to be in that person’s shoes, to be the one who was standing five feet from Miley with confetti flying in her hair with one of her best friends.

It then becomes the night before formal with my girlfriends. The ones I took the roadtrip with, the ones I got accepted into the Masters program with, the ones that I have bonded and shared the majority of my time with. Cocktails and face masks, nails and hair, movies and stories.

It was then the morning of formal. We were piled in the bathroom together, grooming and helping one another with hair and makeup. We were telling each other how gorgeous the other was and how this night would be one to always remember. One of my friends got mushy . . . she thanked us for being there for her and for being her number one’s. She explained how she had never had a group of girlfriends in high school. She never felt that bondage and that closure with other girls. And that’s when it hit me that I haven’t either.

It’s one thing to have a best friend, and it’s one thing to have a boyfriend that you fully count on. But to have a group of friends, or sisters for that matter, to lift you up each moment in your life and to encourage you through every aspect of your college career is an answered prayer. These are the moments that we will remember. These are the moments that matter beyond doubt. The ones in which you feel anchored and secured with.

It feels good to be lost in the wrong direction. That wrong direction will lead you to bigger and better things. These are the moments that will matter later on, not the next guy who will screw you over or the next outfit you will wear.

Your friends and family, who build you up and help to tighten the loose strings in your heart. These are the ones that you need to take a grip on. Make it the tightest grip, and never let go. Ever.

And so formal night came. We had dinner and laughs and party buses, and everyone had the best time. And in this moment, I am curled up next to the TV with my parents and my dog. I still feel as if I am living in a fairytale with the plot being set on my life and how I’m living it. With the stories that I am creating each day, I cannot express my gratitude for how I am getting to experience this life. And it is no exaggeration when I say to you that love cures all things.


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