I Was Introduced to Elton John

 Turning back, she just laughs. The boulevard is not that bad.

I genuinely believe there is nothing like the love of one’s family. I genuinely believe that there is nothing quite like being surrounded by the people who love you for everything that you are, everything that you have been, and everything that you are going to be.

Made up of flaws, yet blameless in some ways. The cure for most gross days are going to be mended by your family.

Sometimes, it’s not just the family that you are born into. People can become your family. These are the type of people who support you along each path you take, each step you make, and each mistake you create. You find yourself being molded into one being whose hearts strive for the other to be happy. And this, my friend, is the love of a family.

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand.

If there is such a thing as being too family oriented, I would be that person. I long for the nights that I get to curl up on the couch with a blanket and my family . . . or the nights that we waste gas on roads we aren’t familiar with, listening to songs that we have listened to forty times, watching the clock tick away, but yet we don’t care just because we are in the presence of one another.

It’s the days that when one thing goes wrong, all I have to do is pick the phone up and the voice of someone that I love suddenly steadies me. The day when I get a good grade and I hear the words “I knew you could do it” or “I never had any doubt”.

The nights that we are surrounded around the table for dinner sharing stories that occurred throughout our day. Yet no matter how poor our day was, the company abruptly repairs each tear in our heart.

Hold me closer tiny dancer.

My parents recently introduced me to Elton John. Why it took them twenty years to do so, I will never know. It’s the nights where I am sitting at the computer relishing in the presence of my parents, listening to 70’s rock and hearing them sing along. It’s the nights in which I hear them sing in harmony together, smiling at their past, watching them as they sway to the memories they have with the music.

So they introduced me to Elton John. And I basked in the joy and laughter we all shared. The adoration of a family is one of life’s greatest blessings. Cliche’, I know, but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it to be 100% true.




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