Running Has Its Perks

 Running has its perks.


I came across this little piece of architecture while on my run this morning. The trail was quiet for the most part, but my mind certainly was not.

“Do you know how in dreams you are always trying to get to one place, but you never really get there?”

That was rocketing through my mind as I made my way down my trail. The overflowing of thoughts as I shifted my weight from one foot to the next, the scramble of speculation, the overwhelmingly mind . . . it all filled inside of my brain as if to punish it for the way that it thinks.

Until I came across this building. It’s a simple building, really. Rundown pieces of wood form together to keep it standing. It’s of no use to anyone, until someone felt the need to graffiti the word ‘Love’ on it.

That one word caused me to stop. It caused me to shuffle closer and closer, until I found myself standing on the porch of this aged building. And suddenly, it became venerable.

What if no one had written the word ‘Love’ on it? Would I have stopped then?

Probably not. I would have continued down my muted, soft trail where I was attempting to fight off the words that were overflowing within my brain. I would have ran and ran, and ran some more until I finally couldn’t focus on my thoughts anymore . . . and then it would have been time for me to stop. I would have grappled with my lungs until the words within me were withdrawn.

But I stopped. And I looked. I looked for a long time. My words, the ones that would have taken me miles to run off, suddenly elapsed. Slipped away, without any remainders, and I am still not exactly certain of where they went or why they flew away so quickly.

I was rumbling with bothersome ideas and then this one word reminded me that I shouldn’t. When I say that love is all around us, I am not misleading this concept. Just when I needed to hear it the most, this one word has a way to jump out at me in the most unexpected way.

We are in a continuous battle with our minds. We are capable of accomplishing anything that we set our minds too. Honestly. We can succeed in any and every little thing that we wish to do so. The only thing that we have to convince is our mind. The inner being within us that allows us to think, feel, and have a conscious thought.

Sometimes, that’s a beautiful thing. Other times, it is certainly not.

It trails us into misleading directions at times — and so for people like me — I feel the need to ‘run my mind off’ or ‘run my thoughts away’.

So I started. And stopped. And looked. Looked at this beautiful word. It reminded me to love others. Others need it. They might have taken everything out on you because they need it. I then continued my run. I came back. And everything was fine with the few that I was troubled with.

Because life has a funny way of doing that. Life has a twisted sense of humor, but I dig it.

If one word has the power to flush my negativity away, then I felt the need to share it with others in hopes that it could possibly do the same for you.

So, here’s the picture of the building that I found on my run today. Share it. And be okay with the fact that this word has the power to change your mind and what you are thinking at any given point of the day. All you have to do is remember it.




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