Case of the Monday’s


Ah, Monday. A time to hit that snooze button and rest our eyes once more in an attempt to escape from the disheartening realization that a new work week has begun. Once the alarm goes off for the third time, it is then time to head into the kitchen to start your daily coffee brew.

Mondays are tiresome . . . and sometimes provoking. You have stuff to do, stuff to get done. Yet, there is no motivation and no internal drive within you to get to it.

I post in my blog in an attempt to stray away from any adverse thoughts that I may have. It can be challenging, of course. But it can also be gratifying.

Today is one of those days where I am inbetween.

I am inbetween wanting to face the sun and wanting to turn my back to face the clouds. I am inbetween wanting to move forward and wanting to collapse in my floor. I am inbetween standing tall and running.

The inbetween can really be distressing. You’re battling the outside world with your innermost feelings. And let me tell you . . . the outside world can be a cold thing.

But so can your feelings.

Being alone with your feelings is the worst because you have nowhere to run. They’re here, dancing in your mind and all you can do is handle.

Putting on a merry smile for the rest of the world allows others to view you in a positive way. “The smiling brunette”, “the happy-go-lucky”, or even “the delightful one”.

But what if I want to collapse on my floor? Will I be “the delightful one” then? What if I want to cry in the bathroom of Taco Bell? Will I be “the smiling brunette” then?

Of course I wouldn’t. And why is that?

We are guilty of putting people in boxes. If someone does something that goes against your wishes or they do something that is difficult for you to understand, you move on. You put them in the category with every other person that confounds you, and you simply move on.

And to elaborate even more . . . Why? Because our minds are conformed by the world on how to treat people.

Have you ever had a friend? Not just an acquaintance that you sat two rows down from in class or in the office each day and merely waved at, but a friend who you could call any time of day just to rant and vent to. A friend who you texted immediately when something intriguing came along and you just had to let them know because you knew that they would feel the exact same way. A friend that you knew would be at your college graduation, would be in your wedding, would be by your side the day your first child was born . . .

And then you unexpectedly just stop. Everything falls short. Before you know it, you haven’t talked in weeks, months, maybe even years.

Maybe it was simply because you got too busy with the world to find a happy medium between keeping in touch and keeping up with your schoolwork. Maybe it was because a guy interfered and you became second. Or maybe you did something to unsettle her, and she never found the situation worthy enough to discuss.

This happens more often than not. Because we put people in boxes on how they should act. The world conforms our brains and twists them into believing that perfection is evident.

Perfection is a nonexistent quality. And until the world can fully comprehend this certainty, we will forever be living in a dissatisfied realm of critics and testy beings.

Perfection is annihilation. It paralyzes us from working from the heart. Humans by nature are not perfect and imperfections are what makes the world beautiful.

So, be your best imperfection today. Because who cares if you cry in the bathroom of Taco Bell?




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