Recall the One

 In honor of National Poetry Month and Easter approaching, I made an attempt at my first poem:


The chills, the nip, the frigidity
The bud, the herb, the vine
As spring advances into the course
The principled gather at the shrine

“Take off your straw, take off your conceit”
The rector pleads once more
Taking a gander, I can scope
Those beseeching on the floor

For it appears not near enough
And the uprights only brace when told
Oh, what would happen in this star
If each dawn we could mold

Not the feeble cries that we effuse
When we obtain sundry needs
But the firm and heavy invocation
The spirit seeks and pleads

In contemplation of this endeavor
We hassle with each dawn
Recall the One who gave His life
For us to love and hail upon


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