Let’s Reminisce…

To the days when the young and innocent were running around the ballparks.

To the days when summers meant doing nothing with all of your friends.

To the days when each day was a time to do whatever you may please.

Distinctive times play a tough role for young adults, and reminiscing does some strange things to you. You think back on all of the times you had when you were a kid . . . in my case, it was frolicking around ballparks and swimming and eating hot pockets and popsicles and catching fireflies and making forts.

Of course, times change. And well, with time, people change. And with people surrounding you changing, you begin to change as well.

Changing will cause a person who once believed in one thing to believe in something else. It’ll cause some to further their thoughts and for others to try to block them out. I believe that the pain that people endure is what causes a changed soul. The more pain you feel, the more you try to block out what’s real and what’s not . . . the more you try to block out those who matter the most.

It’s hard to look past the obstacle that’s in front of you. It’s hard to see past the fist that punched you to see the love that waits for you.

Getting over a broken heart can last years and years for some. They can’t see past the pain of the first heartbreak to enjoy the love that someone else has to offer them. For others, they deal with the pain in a different way. Hurting others the way that they were hurt. An eye for an eye, right?

“Why do things happen? If God wants people to be happy and rejoice in His love, then why do bad things happen?”

“If God dictated every little thing in your life, then it wouldn’t be your life. It would be Him treating you like a puppet.” My dad’s words are lingering in my mind today, and I can’t help but to think this can apply to how times change as well. Why do times change? Why do people grow old and get sick and die?

If we never have to fight through the task then we’ll never know what it’s like to feel fully alive.

So, let’s reminisce . . .

To the days when the young and innocent were running across campus.

To the days when summers meant working to pay off your next rent.

To the days when each day was a time to wake up in the morning and start over.

Because times are changing and people are changing and we are changing.


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