Change, Be the Change, & Encourage Change


Tomorrow. Just TOMORROW, I will be heading back to the AMAZING Camp War Eagle for a solid month to help children grow, to reach out to them, to help them gain strengths in areas they never thought were possible, to be a disciple for them, and to encourage them and help them bend and flourish in trials that they believed were once too difficult to overcome.

Let me tell you . . . this is one of the most amazing opportunities I will ever be able to receive.

The friendships that have developed, the love between each one of us, the growth of our spirituality and tenderness — it all breaks out at camp. And it is definitely worthwhile.


Gandhi. You see this quote quite a bit. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The change that we hope to see — where dangers are nonexistent and fears run away and the bad things that shouldn’t happen stop happening and a person actually does change for the good. Where acts of kindness are common and crimes dwindle and the spirit is shown in our personality and our actions and we begin to feel safe.

We all want to see the world change to this, but yet we never do anything about it. We like to sit and talk about how the world has become so sad. Technology controls our lives. We cannot bear to sit down and have a discussion eye-to-eye with friends or family without browsing social media or texting on our cells. We no longer read the daily newspaper because we have an App for that, and we go months or maybe years without seeing the people that we once loved because it’s just easier to pick the phone up and call or text rather than to drive to surprise them in person. We fret over the increase in crime rates within our nation and we fret over the poor countries who are doing without food, water, and even education.

What are you going to do about it? 

This summer, I am reaching out a hand to the children of NWA, helping them grow closer to God, leading them a step closer in the direction that brings them a changed heart, and helping them to strengthen their abilities in sports, communication, and friendships.

This small task, in my eyes, is one step closer to me being a change in the world. Changed hearts, changed souls, changed minds with one individual at a time — that’s all it takes. And it starts with YOU.

It starts this summer. It starts today. It starts now.

Be the change, don’t just wish for it. Be the change, don’t just talk about it. Be the change, don’t just watch it.

Here’s to your wisdom, Gandhi, and here’s to a summer that I will never forget.




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