Dancing Through Life

Still trying to grasp the fact that I am in my third year of college, I am sitting at Starbucks on campus at the exact spot that I sat at my freshman year. The people around me are different. The workers are different. I am different.

But hey, at least the scenery is the same.


I agree, Yoko Ono.

Marching through life is one lousy habit that many of us obtain. It’s as if we don’t realize the amazing moments that surround us and instead, we sulk up about the minor, petty instances that take away that bit of happiness that we must hold on to.

Recently, a hometown friend is struggling with health issues. He had some tests ran, and they found two spots in him.

A cook who works for my sorority has a son who was just diagnosed with cancer.

My dad’s uncle just passed away.

Children everywhere are suffering from illnesses because their country doesn’t have the money to cure it.

And we complain when our restaurant forgets to take onions off of our burger.

It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

We march through life — we accept mediocre things and grumble about bad coffee, someone giving us half of what we give them, receiving a C when we are capable of an A, or not having the money to buy tickets to the next big game. We don’t put into context that we accept the fact that our parents work day and night just to pay for our tuition. We accept bad coffee. We accept half of someone’s love that they give to us. We accept settling instead of waiting. We accept a C when we are capable of an A. We accept acquaintances.

Why don’t we dance? Find a job. Help your parents. Go for a latte the next time you walk into a coffee shop. Wait for your soul mate. Don’t settle. Study, and study hard. You have plenty of other nights to go out, but you’ll only have that exact test once. Be a friend and leave those who don’t make time for you.

Dancing through life is really what it’s all about.


But really, can they? Can all your worries really add a single moment to your life?

Last night, I saw what it really meant to be a family. It’s not like I have ever doubted the love my family has for one another before, but I genuinely experienced the bond that is wrapped around my family’s devotion. One instance happens, and both my brother and I are over at our parents’ home in a heartbeat. We were circled together, talking about how we have each other’s backs and how we would always be there for one another. My brother is 23 and I am 2o, and where were we? Sitting on our parents’ countertop listening to the problems that occurred that night and I could have sworn I flashed back in time to when I was five — when we sat on our parents’ countertop and listened to the problems that occurred in their lives.

So, the answer to the question ‘Can all your worries really add a single moment to your life?’ is actually quite simple.

Instead of worrying, lets dance. Dance through life and focus on not settling for anything less than what you are capable of. Don’t march through and ignore the problems of those that love you — dance and listen.




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