I Fall in Love, Just a Little Too Easily

I think I fall in love, just a little too easily.

No, not with boys. I don’t fall in love with boys easily. But with things. With coffee at 3 a.m. and sunsets and crunchy fall leaves and midnight texts and candles. Smiling and laughing and concerts and music and oversized sweaters and food.

I think I fall in love with these things, because they help me to feel a sense of security. Security into this world. Security into this continuing, altering world.


I went to a 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction concert last night in Tulsa with my roommate. And so I fell in love last night with 5 Seconds of Summer. But take note, I have always been a sucker for the cliche boy bands. Nsync and Backstreet Boys will forever hold a strong piece of my heart. (Yes, I know. I just sounded like such a girl)

But 5 Seconds of Summer, let me tell ya. You could see the passion in their eyes. The Australian boy band was on a world wide tour with One Direction, opening up for them in front of a cluster of screaming girls. And they enjoyed it. Every second of it.

I just want to travel the world and go to as many concerts as possible. To feel the sense of delectation that the music makes me feel — like I am the only one in the room even though I’m surrounded by ten thousand other people.

I believe that having dreams like that is a good thing. It helps you to look forward to something in the future. It helps you to be strong and determined and to work hard for the next chapter in your life.

And so now I have to cram for my test that is over 8 chapters tomorrow because I decided to go to a concert last night instead. But I remarkably don’t mind.


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