Monday Mantra

It’s November 3rd and it is taking everything in me not to listen to Christmas music or simply watch five Lifetime Christmas movies in one sitting.

Save it for after Thanksgiving, I keep reminding myself.

But it is so hard. My mindset goes straight from pumpkin spice lattes to peppermint mochas awfully quick.

With that being said, lets talk about Halloween.


I originally was supposed to dress up as a vampire . . . but the teeth didn’t work out, I didn’t have dark enough lip stick, and so I ended up being Aria from Pretty Little Liars. But hey, that was a-okay with me.

We attended our function, Nightmare on Maple Street“, and oh my goodness. Talk about fun.

Everyone was dancing. Although you couldn’t tell who or what some people were dressed as and although you didn’t recognize who some people even were, it didn’t matter. All that we knew was that it was Halloween, music was playing, and it was time to dance. Pizza and drinks were served and Halloween soon became one of my favorite holidays.

I visited my parents the next day and asked how their Halloween went. For the first time, they spent Halloween living in a neighborhood. For the first time, they had trick-or-treaters. For the first time, they felt safe and felt as if they were living in a movie — you know, the ones where parents feel secure enough to send their children off to trick-or-treat at stranger’s homes. We’ve never experienced that before. Even as a kid, I only trick-or-treated at the homes of the people that I knew, and my parents never got trick-or-treaters because we never lived in a safe town.

Everything is different. In a good way, of course. Change is good. Growing old is good, no matter how much we come to miss the old glory days. If you look ahead in ten years and see that your life is the same as it now, we will get depressed. We want things to be different and for us to be able to move ahead comfortably with our lives. So why are we so afraid of change?


I spent my Sunday morning in bed, contemplating about such things. If we are so afraid of change, how can we expect to move forward and accomplish certain goals, certain dreams, or even certain tasks? How can we expect for any of our aspirations to come true if we are in a constant fear of transition within our lives?

Instead of worrying about change, lets look forward to making advancements within ourselves and within our lives. In the waves of advancements, we find our true direction. Revisions are in your future. So instead of approaching it with fear and anxiety, approach it with confidence and assurance. Stop fighting the old. Build the new.

And this is my Monday Mantra.




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