Empire State of Mind

The closer the time comes, the longer that time elapses . . . I’m continuously constituting new dreams for myself. Here’s a little bit of insight about me: I am a hustler. I have multiple visions for my future self, and I work each and every day to get a step closer to accomplishing them.

I have an empire state of mind. By this, I mean that I dream of the big city lights. The crowded streets, the honking of horns, the conversations of those in a coffee shop. I dream of the hustle and bustle of the determined workers and the flashy New York City trends that fashion gurus show off.

I enjoy late nights and big dreams.


Originally being from a small town where I graduated with 26 people in my entire class, I dream of distinct experiences in which I am not used to. My town had one stop light, tractors following you on the road, dirt roads that lead you anywhere you need to go, and the only place for you to get coffee was from a machine in a gas station. Cotton fields lined the highways and that upcoming Friday night, you would find yourself underneath the lights that were located on your hometown’s football field along with the rest of the town’s civilians.

Don’t get me wrong — my home was everything that I could wish for it to be. It gave me unforgettable and irreplaceable friendships, old flames, loving coaches and teachers, exceptional memories, lessons learned, and growth. It led me to be the person that I am today. It led me to view this remarkable world in which I live in in such a way that humbles me. It led me to feel the way that I feel, to act the way that I act, to love the way that I love. My hometown is the hometown that will forever be a part of me . . . a part of my heart.

But as for now, a twenty-year-old college student who strives to make the most out of her days, I dream of the big city lights. My heart is set on the Times Square and Radio City Music Hall and Little Italy. I want to find myself sipping a cappuccino with Madison Square Garden within my sights. I believe this is where my heart is set on, because I have a longing for something that is completely and utterly at odds with what I was grown up to be. Some people call it “change” as in a negative way — not being the person that they have known. I call it “change” in a way such that I view myself as thriving in ways that I would have never thought was possible. I have a vision. My mind is set. I’m here to attain my heart’s desires, whatever that may be.

I talked about “change” in my last blog post. I believe that your upbringing causes change within your life, whether it was a good or a bad experience. Whatever burdens and struggles you have faced within your life, you have grown and changed because of it. Some people are lost in that fire. Some people, however, are built from it.

The paths that you go down in your life that bring you to a place of despair can cause your fire to burn out or cause it to regain its spark. I’m telling you about my dreams and my heart’s desires so that you are not afraid of the dreams that flutter through you. No notion is too big, no ambition is too foolish, and no goal is too hopeless.


It’s a good thing to have dreams to look forward to. It allows you to work humbly and passionately in the things that you love. And who knows, maybe one day you will be able to change the world.

I have an Empire State of Mind, and I am not ashamed of the aspirations in which my heart longs for. What are your dreams? What do you plan on having an impact on?




2 thoughts on “Empire State of Mind

  1. Kodi, you never cease to amaze me… I can’t wait to see how you change the world as you are continually growing…continue to dream, accomplish, and never settle for less than perfection!
    Love you

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