Warm-Up Wednesday

I initially wanted to title this post “Work It Wednesday” but to be fair, it’s not just about the work that you put into the things that you truly desire. It’s about the warm up that gets you to that point to where the “work” will just come natural. Are you confused? If so, keep reading. I’ll explain.

College comes with a lot of things: new friends, new experiences, new jobs, new classes, new homes, and (yes, it sucks) new metabolisms. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it did for me. Although not many people noticed . . . I noticed. And that’s all that it took for me to jump straight in to wanting to be my best self once again.

It’s hard. Why does everything that tastes so delicious harm your body? Why do the foods that satisfy us the most destroy us the most as well? (I blame our brain).

No, really. Our brain is one of our biggest calorie-sinks. It reminds us over and over and over again how pleasing that piece of chocolate cake is. The most difficult part for me wasn’t saying no to the cake itself — it was saying no to my brain.

Thus, I began to make small, simple changes. (this is the warm up). I tossed my Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to the side and made small swaps for what I knew wasn’t acceptable for my body. The warm up initially is the hardest part because once you become adapted to a certain habit for so long, the chain is tough to break. However, once I began to feel a change in my mood, my attitude, and even my energy, it grew to be quite effortless for me. Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. The only part that I still struggle with is dessert. But, hey! The small swaps that you make throughout the day just means that you deserve that dessert after dinner.

My goal for this post wasn’t to cause you to feel obligated to change your eating habits or to find the motivation to walk the extra mile to class instead of taking the bus. Rather, my goal was to give you an example of how the warm-up to wanting to get things done, in anything, is always the toughest obstacle for you to push through. For me, the warm-up was to find motivation to get up, get moving, and get my daily intake of fruits and veggies whenever I decided to make a change to better myself. So for you to want to make a change in your own life, whatever that change may be, I want to encourage you to push through. Why? Because the warm-up is always the toughest obstacle.


This is my situation right now: snacking on grapes and green tea after a slow, but steady workout, scrolling through Pinterest as usual.

You don’t have to go fast . . . you just have to go.

Whatever change you are striving to accomplish within your life, just go. Go, show that “warm-up” phase who is boss, and get it done. . . because no one is going to get it done for you.

Happy Warm-Up Wednesday!




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