The Bad is Always More Visible Than the Good

I looked out of my balcony window this morning to see snowfall for the third time this past week. As if going to the gym wasn’t difficult enough, the brisk weather definitely doesn’t help matters any. So I sat down for some breakfast and coffee until I mentally motivated myself to get up and walk down . . . to the dreaded treadmill.


After some stretching, getting rid of mental blocks, and listening to my favorable “old school” playlist on Spotify, I moved over to the treadmill. If you are ever hedged with uncontrolled thoughts, then the treadmill is the place for you. It allows you time to think about the things that you have been trying to avoid and it brings up things that are new and exciting. You might find your dreams and your desires on the treadmill, as well as getting rid of the thoughts that shouldn’t matter.

With this being said, I allowed myself time during my run this morning to think about my past week. It was challenging in some ways, but certainly rewarding in others. I hung out with my brother a couple of nights ago, and we had one of those talks in which you can ramble and talk about petty things that have been occurring in your life and the other person genuinely listens with full attention. I knew I didn’t have to hold anything back. So, I continued to ramble and he continued to listen until I felt as if it was time to stop.

The bad things are always more visible than the good things. 

That’s what he said to me. Talk about perspective.

Sometimes, all that we need is that one family member or friend to push us back onto the right path. If you aren’t happy with the way things went yesterday, don’t stay stuck. Do better. And when I say do better, I mean do better with your thoughts and your outlook on things. I struggle with this as well. I look past all of the advantages and benefits that I have only to find myself leaning towards the insignificant mishaps. Maybe it’s in our human nature for our minds to wander off to these things, or maybe it’s just a dire habit that we need to break out of. Either way, it’s easy to forget the things that we take for granted.


We tend to complicate the process by overthinking, analyzing, fantasizing, expecting, worrying, and doubting. We miss out on all of the good that can occur within our lives just because we tend to block it out with the negative. Joy occurs when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. It’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days. And today is another chance to get it right.

So . . . with my run completed and my perspective turned around, I’m about to start my day. Although it’s snowing and the temperature outside is completely short of what I wish for it to be, I know that everything is going to be okay. (Because the bad is always more visible than the good, right?)




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