4 Simple Rules

1. Never Miss a Monday

Monday’s are our toughest days. With the stresses that the new week brings and the recovery from the weekend before, lets face it . . . Monday’s are rough. So, why should we never miss a Monday when it comes to meeting our fitness goals? Simple: although we wake up with the case of the Monday’s, our mindset is sure to turn around once we get our fix for the day. Exercise releases endorphins, causing our mood to turn upside down. The “case of the Monday’s” soon turns around with a little cardio or strength training, which then leads to a less stressful week. It’s a chain reaction. (You will also feel better about the amount of calories that you consumed during the previous weekend).

2. Never Go 3 Days Without Exercise

Yes, this means never skipping Friday, Saturday, and Sunday . . . so plan accordingly. Missing three days in a row of exercise will not only lead to missing more days in the future, but it will also convince your mind that it is time to stop. Missed two days? No problem. Just make sure to make an appearance on that running trail or in that gym the next day.

3. Workout At Least 3 Days a Week

Oh, the magic number that we always ask ourselves: How many days a week are we able to workout and still get by? Everyone wants the easy way out, so here it is . . . workout at least three days a week. With all of our classes, work schedules, meetings, and maintaining a social life, it is difficult to find the time that our body needs to exercise. Sticking to a goal to workout at least three days a week is a simple way to make sure that you are staying on track with your fitness goals and still carrying on with your daily tasks.

4. Never Give Up

We save the best rule for last. Never giving up is easier said than done, but I promise you that the more determined that you are to make these rules a part of your routine and not just something that is on your to-do list, they will soon become a habit. Never give up on your fitness goals. If you aren’t where you want to be, keep going. Give yourself the time to give your body what it deserves, and don’t damage your fitness goals by allowing negative thoughts to run through your mind. You are good enough, strong enough, and capable . . . so never give up. 

6938d5cd9f642537dc408142101e8912via: FitspoCouture


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