The Last Few Seconds

“The last few seconds are the ones that change you.”

I know this is difficult to remember when you’ve been working endlessly for the past half hour or so, sweating and engaging your muscles in such ways that they are not used to. It’s time to quit, your mind tells you . . . over and over and over again.

But it’s those last few seconds that change you. It’s those last few seconds in which your mind is telling you to stop that you must continue to push on in order to get any strength or reward from the training that you are doing.

My journey to get back in shape has been a tough one. Going from playing multiple high school sports for my own enjoyment to stressing about school and work and responsibilities has been challenging. It was until the past couple of years that I realized that my body needs my own motivation, not anyone else’s, to get my body and health back on track and back to a point in which I am happy with.


My go-to exercise is cardio. I’ve always been a lover of running, and I have been training my body the past few months to get it used to distance running — something that I haven’t ever really been used to. My body was equipped to sprints (thanks to sports such as basketball, softball, and track relays). Today, I set out to run a 5k on the trail next to my apartment only to find myself to press on against the sidewalk even once my pedometer hit “3.1” miles. The music persisted as I persisted, and I only came to a stopping point once my knees told me that it was time. Reluctantly, I wasn’t near as winded as I thought I would be, so I rewarded myself by sitting at the park and taking in the view around me.

Cold enough to wear shorts but still chilly enough to wear long sleeve, I sat at the picnic bench regaining the energy back into my body. I’m getting there, I thought to myself . . . Slowly but surely. 

IMG_9439via: MapMyRun. Click here to view my run!

And so it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Forty five minutes and four and a quarter miles later, I’m gradually getting to the place in which I want to be. Your go-to muse doesn’t have to be running or even any other type of cardio, but I encourage you to find something that helps you to take your mind off of the workout all together. Giving me a time to be alone with my thoughts and just feel like its me against the world, I turn to running. I hope you find your “muse” that allows you to have that sense of fulfillment within you.

Happy Friday, everyone!



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