Run Now, Wine Later

For all of my twenty-something year old college girls, I’m sure you can relate to this.
I’ve been caught up in a mayhem of events lately — between work, school, finals, internships, sorority events, and other activities, my head has been spinning just a little too fast for my own good. I sat down the other night for a little online shopping therapy to calm myself a bit and I just so happened to find this gem. I know that I can certainly relate to it.
Run now, wine later.

Run, whether you are exercising. Run, whether you are moving past finals one test at a time. Run, whether you are working. And once you are finished running for the day, be sure to save yourself time for a little pick-me-up glass of wine later on (or a bubble bath works, too). Reward yourself. You deserve it.

Happy finals week, y’all!

Shirt: Impressions
Shorts: Rue 21

IMG_0028 (1)


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