Clasping to Hope 101

Hope: (n) 1; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. 2; a feeling of trust.


Hope is one of those uncertain facets that each and every one of us carry. We carry it with us on our face, in our mind, and in our heart. We fear the idea of hope. Not hope itself, but the idea of our hope failing and not achieving what we believe it has the ability to achieve.

When you have heard all of the best goodbyes, when you have been broken into pieces in which you wish you could take all away, and when you feel that last cinch of hope slipping away from your heart . . . don’t lose it. That’s when you stand up and clasp that last bit a little bit tighter than you had clasped the rest. Hope often happens once we are on our last rope.

We’ve all fallen short of what we had hoped for within our lives. We’ve all felt as if we have failed. You’re not alone when you feel a sense of uneasiness when thinking about your success, and I promise that you are not alone when you don’t believe that you are “good enough” at times.

That sense, however, goes away. It will leave and you will feel full again. Because there will be a job that comes around the corner that will give you benefits that the one that you had lost couldn’t have given you. There will be that one person who comes and hugs you a little tighter than that person who broke your heart ever did. And there will be that one inch of hope that still lingered within your heart that will fly back into your mind and remind you of why you clasped on for so long and for so tight. Because things finally worked out. Things always work out. I hope that you remember that the next time that you feel unworthy.



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