Life is Busy


How true.

Some days, we are talking about who we want to be and what career we will have with sparkles in our eyes and some days, we question as to how we get by day by day with how busy life is.

Life is busy. Actually, life is exceptionally busy. Between work and classes and friends and family and adventures and responsibilities, it’s no wonder that we sometimes feel lost and confused.

I’ve tried to keep busy this summer with work and friends outside of work, as well as family. Before I knew it, two weeks were already up and I’m typing away at my computer and reflecting on the adventures that I’ve had in just 14 short days.

The days fly by. No, they literally speed past us, escaping from our grip and leaving us wondering how it’s already Thursday when we just attended church on Sunday. How is it already summer? Wasn’t fall just a week ago?

I have work at 10, but I have to get a workout in before. That means I must set my alarm for 7:15 and I have to be out of my apartment by 7:30. Right after work, I have dinner plans with a friend. So I have to be ready for dinner no later than 6:15. Right after dinner, I have to finish an article for my internship before tomorrow. Before I know it, I’m finishing up my article only to find that my eyes are drooping, and my bed is calling my name. I fall asleep, wake up, and do it all over again. Work at this time, lunch at this time, assignment due at this time, and everything is on a set schedule.

It’s no question that life is busy. The question that matters is this: What are we busy about?

We spend so much time being busy and not enough time just simply being. And I’ve never really realized how guilty I was of this until I sat here typing away, expressing how I feel, why I feel overwhelmed, and why I feel a sense of sadness right now. It’s because I’m on a set schedule. No, really. My schedule is set, each and every day, and it’s almost as if I sincerely do not have enough time to watch the clouds pass by above me. I don’t have time to grab my tennis shoes and just run for as long as my legs will let me. I simply just have enough time to squeeze in a thirty minute run, and absolutely not one minute longer.

I want to sit with people that I love and have slow conversations that have meaning. Not a conversation that is set at 12:30 for a lunch date that we can only be at for thirty minutes before we rush off to our next scheduled outing. I want to lay on my back and watch the sun go down, symbolizing that the day is ending and I am content with how my day was spent — slow, steady, and just being. Not in a rush, scrambling around looking for my keys to make it to my next destination, or wondering how I forgot to eat dinner because “life” got in the way.

So, between work and classes and friends and family and adventures and responsibilities, it’s no wonder that we sometimes feel lost and confused. We don’t have the meaningful moments anymore, because we are so busy being busy. We don’t make time to relax, because we are so busy being busy. We cut ourselves short of moments that should be slow in order to have an appreciation for it.

Instead of being busy, how about we try just being? My calendar is put away until classes start back. Why? Because it’s summer and I don’t want my life to pass me by as quickly as it has these past two weeks.

Slow and steady wins the race.



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