“In That Moment” Moments

Have you ever had one of those “in that moment” moments?

Of course you have. Everyone has.

It’s one of those moments in which you can’t quite put into words. One of those moments when you are on the mountaintop, looking over the view that unfolds in front of you, memorized by God’s works, watching the sun wake the sleeping community, questioning how something that’s so simple can seem so large.

It’s one of those moments when you are standing in front of a painting from the 1600’s, one that was created by someone of whom you have never heard of before, a painting in which you are distracted by how good of a condition it stayed in over the past few hundred years, puzzled as to how such talent existed in that time when art classes didn’t exist and technology wasn’t right at the fingertips of the artist.



It’s so important to be an enthusiast in life. It’s so important to try new things, talk about things that you love, talk about hobbies that interest you, go at your passions full speed, and do what your soul longs to do. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a masterpiece hanging before you. There is nothing wrong with trying to find God in the skies that sit right above the mountains that you are looking out at. There is nothing wrong with blaring music full blast, taking in each word that the artist is singing. There is nothing wrong with these things, because it shows the side of you that is meant to be seen by everyone around you. It shows your affections and fascinations for the things that this big world has to offer, and that in itself is enough.

I’ve struggled for quite some time about trying to find who I am in this world. Everyone does, do they not? What I’ve come to find though, is that I make it way more complicated than it should be. Because who are we? Well, we are the books that we read, the music that we listen to, the words that we write, the TV shows that appear under our “Continue Watching” tab on Netflix, the food that we crave, the way we fix our coffee, the dreams that we have, the 2 a.m. thoughts that envelop us, the things that anger us, and the goals that we long to achieve. We are the people that we spend our time with and the small occurrences that we find hard to forget. We are all of these things, wrapped into one being. It takes years to learn about someone. And even after that, we still never fully know them, because they still don’t completely know themselves.

Those “in that moment” moments help us find more pieces of ourselves. An art museum, a coffee shop, a three mile hike up to a mountain that overlooks the valley below . . . moments like these help us to unfold. They help us to find an understanding of what we love in life and what our passions are. So, never stop exploring. Never stop trying to find out more pieces of yourself. Talk about what you love, do what your soul longs for, and ignore the things that you hate. Be more passionate about your passions and share them with others.

As Victoria Erickson once said, enthusiasm propels the world.



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