I began my student internship last Thursday with my interview at Harp Elementary. This interview consisted of meeting a bit of the staff, a few “job potential” interview questions, and them getting to know more about me and my beliefs when it comes to the students and the classroom.

Following this, we took a tour of the school that I will spend my entire graduate career in and we met the interns that just completed their student teaching. I learned that I will have three placements throughout the school year, this will be the most challenging yet rewarding year of my college career, and I am more than ready to begin this journey. The previous interns were kind enough to leave us with a “MAT survival pack”, which contributed to my excitement and eagerness to begin.


I wanted to begin tracking my journey throughout my MAT year at Harp Elementary, beginning with my interview at the school. I am prepared with a clipboard with my favorite quote on it, mouse pads with a weekly planner, file folders, a whistle for recess duty, my favorite candy, binder clips, and sticky notes. As I wrap up my post expressing my restlessness to begin the year, I must remember to slow things down and to stay in the present. The adventure is just beginning, and I must embrace that.


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