I Got That Sunshine in My Pocket

It’s 7:45 a.m. and I just had a one-woman dance party to Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. If you haven’t watched the video, do it. Do it now. I promise that it will instantly make you happy. šŸ™‚

Grad school is already taking a toll on me and I haven’t even began my internship yet. Summer is already half way over,Ā grad school began a month ago, I have been living in my new apartment for a month now, and work is still the same. I go on runs, I buy groceries, I work, I write research papers, I eat, I sleep — then repeat. Today I woke up at 6:30 a.m. I went for a brisk two-mile run. I came in and made myself some coffee and breakfast. I sat down at my computer to do homework but instead I found myself listening to Justin Timberlake on repeat and unconsciously started to dance around (even though I forgot I had my blinds open, oops). So,Ā thank you J.T., for giving me inspiration for this post!

I am a month and a half down of grad school. In ten months I will be finished and will be well on my way to seeking out a career. I still enjoy to write in my spare time, to read, to run, and to eat. I let things overwhelm me more than they should. I take life too seriously at times and plan too far ahead. I am constantly reminding myself to slow it down, to breathe, to take every task day by day, and to remember that this life doesn’t slow down for anybody. If I don’t exhale every once in a while and look around at the beautiful things that I don’t take the time to recognize, then what is this life really for? J.T. reminded me this morning to give myself a break and have a little dance party. As silly as it sounds, I know that I certainly needed it.

I got a little sunshine with my coffee this morning. Although I didn’t get the last bit of schoolwork finished for my online class like I wanted to, I know that it is okay. The time will pass, I will get it done like I always do, and I was still able to have time for myself this morning before I head into work. Funny how simple happenings canĀ turnĀ a person’s day around.Ā Thank God for the small and unexpected instances that come about to help remind you that lifeĀ really isn’t all that serious — time will go by whether you are happy or not!

Happy Thursday šŸ™‚




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