Pinnacle Mountain

My brother, my boyfriend, and I climbed Pinnacle Mountain this past weekend. My endurance held up the faster and faster that we climbed. My legs, however, did not. I am an avid jogger and I enjoy to work out my body — except for my legs. I paid for it this weekend. We went at a pretty rapid pace. Kyle and Cody pushed through. Me, being the competitive little sister and girlfriend that I am, pushed just as hard, yet struggled. Cody would hold his hand out to help me, and I would push it away. Kyle would climb behind me to make sure that I was making it, and that just made me climb faster than my legs were willing to. We made it, finally, and both my mind and legs were thanking The Lord that the climb was over. Although tired, I was finally at rest and was on the highest point in Little Rock.

Completely worth it, I thought. Totally and completely worth it.

Just like my climb with Jesus. Although the spiritual climb isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, although there are blunders in the way and pressures from the world around me, it will be totally and completely worth it once I reach the top.

Thank you, Lord, for this analogy. The view is always better from the top, no matter how hard the climb.


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