First Week of School

A week of professional development has come and gone, just as the first week of school has done.

I’ve said it before and I will say it a million times again — it’s crazy how fast the time goes by.

Professional Development was neat. I got to have the firsthand experience of the impact in which the Springdale School District has made on kids in the past and the impact that it still is expecting to make for the kids in the future. I got to see what it is like in the eyes of a teacher — how people respect you, thank you, look up to you, and how they admit that they can’t make it without you.

I got to see inside of my Kindergarten classroom that I will be in for the first nine weeks and I received plenty of time with my mentor teacher. She is great, we are so much alike, and I would like to think that is a sign of a great first nine weeks!




The first week of school has come and gone as well. It is amazing to get to experience the beginning of the upbringing of students in a school. These kids who enter the classroom have never stepped foot in an educational setting before — some have never held a pencil, some do not know their last name, some do not know how to spell their name, and some do not know colors.

To see the molding of these students in a school is an eye opening experience. I get to do this, I thought to myself. I get to make an impact in these children’s lives.

Every child, as unique and beautiful as they are, will teach me something about myself as well. This journey is just beginning, and I have already experienced and learned more than what I thought was possible.


Here’s to me, my fellow interns at Harp, and the other interns at every other school in the world: May we learn, grow, and shape ourselves into the teachers that I know we are all striving to be.


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