Rainbow Salad Side Dish

I love the saying, add some color to your plate! The more color that you add, the fresher that your meal will be! (P.S. this does not include jelly beans or m&m’s).

I also love to throw a few things together at times. Some of my favorite dishes have just been trying different things on random nights. Tonight was certainly one of those nights. Introducing: My new favorite rainbow salad!

FullSizeR (2)

What you will need:
1 container of Sweet Treats cherry tomatoes
1 bag of fresh mozzarella pearls
1 cucumber
1 avocado
1 bottle of Olive Garden light Italian dressing
Optional: 1 container of diced purple onions

This recipe makes 2 servings.

To begin, use a cutting board to dice up your avocado. I only used half of the avocado per serving. Throw your diced avocado pieces into your serving bowl.

FullSizeR (3)

Next, dice up your tomatoes and cucumbers into the size that you want. you might want to only cut them in half. I decided to cut both of them into thirds.

Throw a few pieces of fresh mozzarella pearls and the rest of your diced up ingredients into your serving bowl along with you avocado, and sprinkle a few purple onions on top if you desire! For the dressing, I throw in my Olive Garden light Italian dressing (this dressing is based on preference, so mix up your choices if you choose).

FullSizeR (1)

This delicious rainbow salad will make an excellent side dish for almost any entree. I decided to pair it with a grilled chicken breast, and I was certainly not disappointed! What entree do you plan on eating this salad with? Feel free to share some ideas!





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