7 Healthy Snacks For the Busy Girl

Life is busy. Trust me, I get it. Between preparing for my classroom in August, starting up my personal training business, maintaining my blog, raising a golden retriever, keeping up with a social life, and the regular day to day responsibilities and bustles . . . life is certainly busy. And, well. Girls get hungry.

It is so easy to run through Sonic and grab an order of mozzarella sticks or grab a bag of Doritos from the gas station while you are running from one errand to the next, but when you are attempting to live your healthiest life is this really how you want to go about your day? What is a simple fix for this? 

Plan! I’m sure that you have heard the term meal prep, right? It is all the rage in today’s world. Well, I am here to tell you that there is more to meal prepping lunches and dinners — you can meal prep your snacks, too! I love to snack. It helps to keep my energy level up throughout the day and it gives me something to look forward to, as silly as that sounds. Continue reading for my 7 go-to healthy snacks for my busy life!


Remember that everyone’s taste buds are different, so branch out a bit and discover what snacks you enjoy the most so that you are able to prepare in advance!

  1. Dry roasted almonds. I like to buy the 16 oz. bag and scoop out 1/4 of a serving size before I begin my day. These almonds are easy to place in a little snack bag or a small tupperware! Read the benefits of eating almonds here.
  2. Bananas. I normally eat one banana every day or every other day. Bananas are full of health benefits!
  3. P3 Protein Pack. These can be found at Walmart or Target! I love these because not only are they already portable and easy to carry out of your house, but they are also filling and they give you the nutrients that you need to trek throughout your day.
  4. Skinny Pop Popcorn. These come in single-serving bags, which is what I buy for on-the-go! Read the health benefits and nutrition information for this snack here.
  5. Greek yogurt. Personally, I prefer Greek light & fit yogurt, which comes out to 80 calories and a great taste. The health benefits of Greek yogurt are unreal. The healthier option would be plain Greek yogurt, but again . . . try what works best for you!
  6. Hummus. This snack is excellent for your body, but what you pair it with can make or break your snack. My go-to pairings are carrots or a single serving of whole wheat crackers. This snack might be a little bit more difficult to pack on-the-go, but it is well worth it in the long run!
  7. Apple & Peanut Butter. This snack is actually very easy to pack, considering peanut butter companies have now created on-the-go servings! Read the benefits of pairing these two snacks here.

Happy snacking!




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