1. Coffee

I ran across this just a moment ago as I was unwinding after a long work day and scrolling through Pinterest on my phone. Friends is playing in the background, coffee is in my hand, and my dog is curled up beside me. I instantly wanted to do it. I wrote for the first time last week in a long time and, as always, I was instantly reminded of how writing makes me feel. It lets me get my perspective to come through more than anything. It reminds me why I do what I do and it reminds me of the person that I want to be, as silly as that sounds. Writing helps me to remember the good when it is so, so much easier to recall the bad.

To add on to that, there are things that I tend to take for granted most days. While I was reading through this, I realized that I take almost all of these small things for granted each day. I wanted to write it out — to explain why I am grateful for these small, simplistic things . . . and to help me get my perspective in check for 30 days.

So, here we go people. Help keep me accountable . . . I am beginning my 30 days of gratitude 🙂

30 days of gratitude

What smell are you grateful for today? I know that there are so many that come to my mind but as I am sipping on my coffee as we speak, coffee only makes the most sense.

I drink coffee first thing when I leave my house in the mornings. I am grateful that it gives me something to look forward to as I begin my day (really, it does) and it is one of my motivators that helps to get my day rolling. I am grateful for the smell that gives me a boost of energy whenever I need it the most.

It’s so funny to think about. Growing up, no one in my family drank coffee. My dad and brother grabbed a coke in the mornings, I had milk or orange juice, and my mom sipped on her diet coke. My sophomore year of college, however, I lived in my sorority house and had coffee made every morning as I walked downstairs. After a few all-nighters of studying for tests, I began to sip on it to give me a boost. When I visited my parents in my hometown, they began to slowly make coffee every other morning when we were feeling sluggish. Today, all four of us drink at least one cup every morning. My parents even have their coffee set to automatically brew at 7 a.m. every morning — I’m a bit jealous.

As small and insignificant as this scent may seem, I certainly am grateful for it. For being one of my morning motivators and for reminding me of peaceful mornings with my family — the ones in which we gather around the table together and enjoy one another’s presence. Thanks, coffee. I owe you.


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