7 Healthy Snacks For the Busy Girl

Life is busy. Trust me, I get it. Between preparing for my classroom in August, starting up my personal training business, maintaining my blog, raising a golden retriever, keeping up with a social life, and the regular day to day responsibilities and bustles . . . life is certainly busy. And, well. Girls get hungry. [...]

Rainbow Salad Side Dish

I love the saying, add some color to your plate! The more color that you add, the fresher that your meal will be! (P.S. this does not include jelly beans or m&m's). I also love to throw a few things together at times. Some of my favorite dishes have just been trying different things on random nights. [...]

My Morning Routine

Here is something that you often times do not hear: I am a morning person I look forward to getting up, fixing my coffee, eating breakfast, checking my e-mails, and then hitting the outdoors to take my dog on our daily 30 minute walk. To answer a few questions and to dig a little deeper into [...]

Determining Your Direction

When you think back to one year ago, what do you think of? One might think of relationships that were gained, or maybe lost. Another might think of a career change, maybe by choice or maybe it was unavoidable. What about moving? As we all know how the college life works, one might have moved [...]

Sometimes, I Get the Urge to Write

Sometimes, I get the urge to write. I get the urge to declutter my racing mind and put it all into words. I get the urge to ramble onto a blank slate in hope that it will clear my mind even a slight bit. I get the urge to go on about something that I [...]

Woah, Life. Woah.

Where do I even begin? I can't possibly start off with how my day has been going. Or how my week has been going. Or how my month or semester is going, because well . . . I haven't written in five months. Five. Where do I even begin?   These are the thoughts that just [...]

First Week of School

A week of professional development has come and gone, just as the first week of school has done. I've said it before and I will say it a million times again -- it's crazy how fast the time goes by. Professional Development was neat. I got to have the firsthand experience of the impact in [...]

Keep His Commandments in Your Heart

I am attempting to do daily readings, which can be difficult at times. Where do I start? What page do I turn to? I don't understand this. I need someone to explain it to me.  I get to a point of self-doubt, and I find myself turning through the pages of the Word of God instead [...]

Pinnacle Mountain

My brother, my boyfriend, and I climbed Pinnacle Mountain this past weekend. My endurance held up the faster and faster that we climbed. My legs, however, did not. I am an avid jogger and I enjoy to work out my body -- except for my legs. I paid for it this weekend. We went at a pretty [...]

Give God Your Weakness

| via: Pinterest - Katie Clark | I enjoy coffee, and I enjoy Jesus. Just put the two together and I am at complete peace. That is my current state right now -- I am sitting at my kitchen table with my computer in front of me, my cinnamon roll flavored coffee to my left, and my [...]