1. Coffee

I ran across this just a moment ago as I was unwinding after a long work day and scrolling through Pinterest on my phone. Friends is playing in the background, coffee is in my hand, and my dog is curled up beside me. I instantly wanted to do it. I wrote for the first time last … Continue reading 1. Coffee


My Morning Routine

Here is something that you often times do not hear: I am a morning person I look forward to getting up, fixing my coffee, eating breakfast, checking my e-mails, and then hitting the outdoors to take my dog on our daily 30 minute walk. To answer a few questions and to dig a little deeper into … Continue reading My Morning Routine

Determining Your Direction

When you think back to one year ago, what do you think of? One might think of relationships that were gained, or maybe lost. Another might think of a career change, maybe by choice or maybe it was unavoidable. What about moving? As we all know how the college life works, one might have moved … Continue reading Determining Your Direction

It’s All About Perspective

There's this thing called the world . . . and, well, it can be cold. Very cold. It can knock you down. It can break your heart. This world pushes us to our limits every second of every day, and it is up to us how we allow it to make us feel. The past few … Continue reading It’s All About Perspective

Sometimes, You Just Have To Coach Yourself

This was our conversation after I completed a tough, yet rewarding run today. You've heard the saying that "fighters fight", right? I take this completely to heart. If you want something bad enough, then I will always tell you to go get it. If you want to travel somewhere or take part in a new opportunity or new … Continue reading Sometimes, You Just Have To Coach Yourself

It All Begins & Ends In Your Mind

Doing new things can be scary. There is great comfort in the familiar, even if the familiar is what is hurting us. Fear of discomfort, uncertainty, and failure is just too much for the frightened, weaker part of our mind to bear. It doesn't know how to manage those feelings and is afraid that it … Continue reading It All Begins & Ends In Your Mind

The Bad is Always More Visible Than the Good

I looked out of my balcony window this morning to see snowfall for the third time this past week. As if going to the gym wasn't difficult enough, the brisk weather definitely doesn't help matters any. So I sat down for some breakfast and coffee until I mentally motivated myself to get up and walk down . … Continue reading The Bad is Always More Visible Than the Good