Why Freelance Writing?

Every individual is unique in his or her own way, with personal hobbies and talents and goals and dreams and desires. For me, that passion is writing.
I initially created this blog as a space that allowed me to collect pieces of my writing whenever I felt the urge to put words onto a blank space. As I grew older, my dreams and passions began to grow with me. This led to me wanting to write to motivate others, whether that be mentally or physically. I still write feel-good blog posts for myself whenever I have the urge to, but I also maintain my posts for others as well.

I then wanted to reach out to local companies so that I could write for them. I began to interview people, research, draft, revise, edit, and publish articles for various companies to help them reach their desired audience. Writing for myself led to writing for my own audience and writing for others’ desired audiences as well. I am open to writing on a wide variety of topics. If you are interested in hiring a freelance writer or have questions about my experiences, please contact me at kodiwilson14@gmail.com!